Customize Everything About Your Items!

Customize Everything About Your Items!

Do you have customers who want the ability to create the same design, but perhaps tweak some things about it? For example, are they looking to change names, numbers or colors across each item, or put the design on totally different items altogether?

With our Design Center software, you have the ability to do all of this and more!

So, say you have a customer that wants to create shirts for a group. Each member can easily have their own name and number added to the shirts. So, everyone can essentially look the same, but have their own personal touches.

Most standard screen printers will charge you per number or letter. This is because most of them use iron-ons, which are applied individually. Our Design Center allows customers to choose any length of names or numbers for the same price because it is all output directly to the printer. Plus, we can easily integrate different names and numbers to either the front or back (or both) without sacrificing the design at all.


You can even take the same design and put it on youth shirts, tote bags or water bottles, to name a few. It is all simply done by clicking on the “Swap Out Item” tab and changing the item. By using our direct-to-garment printing method, we have the capabilities to use the same design at multiple sizes without having to make a screen for each size. It’s never been easier!


Contact us today to see if our Design Center is right for you!

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