Create Promotional Apparel That People Genuinely Want to Wear

Create Promotional Apparel That People Genuinely Want to Wear

By definition, trends are always changing. If you are in the business of creating custom apparel, then the trends are changing in just the right ways.

People need custom shirts, hoodies, bags, and more for a million different reasons. Moms and Dads need them for family reunions. Brides need them for bachelorette parties. Businesses need them to help promote their brand. But in order for those businesses to get the maximum bang-for-their-buck, they need people to actually wear those shirts. The more those shirts are worn, the better the impression-per-dollar ratio. To get that ratio up, businesses need to create t-shirt designs that people genuinely love. They need to keep up with the trends.

A few years ago, the graphic apparel trend was tilted strongly toward Ed Hardy and Tapout designs. Re-creating this style of design on a custom t-shirt proved problematic. The style focused on highly complex illustrations, created by by talented artists. In fact, the idea that you were wearing a piece of art created by a talented individual was part of the appeal.

Ed Hardy t-shirt examples. Tastes seem to be shifting towards the clean and simple…

Imagine trying to create a promotional t-shirt for your company in the style of the Ed Hardy trend. You can see how it would be difficult. If you were using an online custom product configurator, like the design tool we are offering at eRetailing, and you had the right art, it would be a bit easier but still challenging. (Allow me to brag: we have thousands of pieces of art in our library, from simple shapes to intricate illustrations.)

Interestingly, the trends seem to be shifting. Big, bold, block letters seem to be more popular. The graphics are simpler, some may even say retro. It still takes someone with a good eye to create a design, but the new style can be easily reproduced using a good online design tool. Homage, a graphic apparel company in Columbus, Ohio, is a great example of this. Their designs are so clean and so simple, it’s easy to see why people love them.

Homage t-shirt examples. The epitome of clean and simple.

This trend is fantastic news for printers of promotional products. This is a style you can successfully emulate. In doing so, you can create apparel that people will genuinely want to wear. And you can do all of this using an online design tool at sites like CustomizedGirl.

The Customized Girl design center.

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